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Plaza Road Pre-K & ASEP

Come And Learn With Us!

Special Events

Early enrollment in "Spirit" Summer Camp for maximum savings and tons of fun and educational enrichment for your child...all in a safe and secure campus environment. Slots will fill up fast... so enroll your child now!


Location: 1000-C Anderson St, Charlotte, NC 28205

Open enrollment designed to familiarize parent and students with the Pre-School, Before and After School, Pre-K Program, Summer Camp, school facilities, and training schedules. Come and learn with us!

Note: Birthday parties at the program site will be planned at special hours and parents or family members are totally in charge of coordinating the event. The staff can in some instances assist to make things go smoothly. All special events must be discussed with and approved by the Program Coordinator.

Call 704-375-1940 for more information.