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Plaza Road Pre-K & ASEP

Come And Learn With Us!

Our Philosophy

That Plaza Road Pre-K & ASEP will provide an effective, safe, nurturing, enriching and hands on environment where children can have fun learn self-worth, respect differences and other cultures, and where the child can develop a real "love of learning". Our aim is for children to learn during their formative years, be positively reinforced so that each child reaches his / her full potential. It is our intent to operate an after school program where a child's mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical growth is fostered, and where nutritious food, health supervision, medical care, rest and activity are provided as needed. All provided everyday, day in and day out.

We believe children need a positive, well-supervised environment before and after school, where play is respected as the child’s work and the process is as important as the product. Children are guided in a way that fosters initiative and independence so they learn to make healthy choices.   

 We strive to meet the special needs unique to each child and family. We believe that our program can positively impact the child’s school performance and enhance relationships with peers, teachers, family and the community.