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Plaza Road Pre-K & ASEP

Come And Learn With Us!


Children leaving Plaza Road Pre-K & ASEP will have been loved, will have learned, will have developed and it is our desire that they will have accomplished the following goals for all children: 

  • To insure that each child develops physically to their maximum potential with the help of quality food, appropriate rest and an emphasis on gross motor, fine motor, language and cognitive development.
  • To insure that with the introduction of quality books that children develop a love of the written word and become excited about the possibility of learning to read.
  • To insure that each child will be ready and excited to learn, because they have experienced much success, they will be willing to try new things and able to face the occasional failure.
  • To insure that each child develops a sense of self-respect because only through respecting ones self can they learn to respect others.
  • To insure that each child learns the concept of responsibility and learns to face the consequences of their own actions. We feel that as individuals embrace this concept that it benefits the whole society in which we live.
  • To insure through interaction with loving and caring staff, children sense that Plaza Road Pre-K & ASEP is a fun, safe and loving place to learn.